"Even though I was relatively sceptical to the program it has provided me with a healthy distance to myself and a curiosity towards people which are incredibly liberating.

Thinking Into Results has given me a positive attitude towards my profession as a salesman.

In terms of results and profit in my role as a salesman, I have now after 31 years in the industry rekindled my energy with fantastic results to show for it.

I increased my hit ratio of 90% to 100% and from about 25 million SEK in turnover to a bit over 30 million last year.

What I also must recommend in addition to the Thinking Into Results course is the 1-1 coaching sessions with Adam. He gives me truths that may not always be what you want to hear but none the less important!

Now 6 months later I am still on a 100% hit ratio, and I have earned hundreds of thousands in commissioned sales!"

Matti - Global Sales Manager: